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WCW Nitro
NOTE: Enter this first set of codes at the "TITLE SCREEN".

All Wrestlers:
C-Right(x4) C-Left(x4) R(x4) L(x4) Z

All Rings
C-Left L C-Right R C-Left L C-Right R Z

Unlock A Set of Wrestlers:
R, L, C-Right, C-Left(2), C-Right, L, R, Z
Next, if you hear a sounnd, highlight a wrestler and enter the following:
C-Left, C-Right, L, R, C-Left, C-Right, L, R, Z
Thanks to timaron

Growing Heads:
C-Left(x7) L Z

Big Hands, Feet, Head:
R(x7) C-Right Z

Big Head:
C-Right(x7) R Z

Big Hands:
Goto the "Mode Selection" screen and enter the following:
L(x7) C-Left(x17)

During gameplay hit Z for another wrestler to call another wrestler to interfere.

Choose a Ring:
Goto the "Options Screen" and enter the following:
C-Right R C-Right R Z

Hidden Move for Eddy Guerro:
While opponent's life is blinking red, get on the top rope and press Up,C-Up,C-Right,C-Right This will do the Frog Splash!!
Thanks to Rattler X
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