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Wave Race

Ride the Dolphin

In stunt mode, go to Dolphin Park, ride through all of the rings and do the following tricks:

Backwards Spin
Stand with Backflip
Single Backflip off Ramp
Dive off Ramp
Barrell Roll off Ramp in both directions

If you did the code correctly, you'll here squeaking when you cross the finish line. Additionally, when you reset and go the title screen, you'll see people riding on dolphins

In order to ride a dolphin, select Championship Race, normal mode. Hold down on the analog stick when selecting your racer. In Dolphin Park, you will ride a dolphin.

The code lasts permanently and can be chosen again and again even after you're turned off your N64.

Get Ultra Points 40,000+ in Stunt Mode

This is much like the other method of getting huge points. Here are some extra hints. Complete a trick off the first ramp or whatever you can find, sand works. Press the pause button as you land on the water.

Next grab as many rings as possible, but, don't do any more air stunts, and go through the check points with as little time left as possible. Waste time at check points by completing lots of stunts like handstands, however, avoid a twist with a backflip. When you get to the finish line, you should get about 30,000 to 40,000 points for those stunts.

Extra Help:

In Drake Lake for example, after you go around the first corner, go wide and do the flip on the mound of dirt. In courses like Dolphin Park and Sunny Beach, do it off the waves. You don't have to complete the stunt, however, to get this trick to work.


Double Flip Stunt:

First get some speed with the jet ski. When you are on the ramp tap up one inch from the top of the ramp and hold down to do your flip. Instead of making the character do one complete flip hold the down button longer so he does another turn. If you do it correctly he will land perfectly and ride on. J. Meter is the best guy to do this especially on the small ramps. You get 2000+ points for this stunt. I have gotten 3120 for this stunt in Sunny Beach because the "judges" (the algorithm which calculates the score) gives you more for a smaller ramp and the height you jump off the ramp.

It is a variation of the flip where you spin side ways. When you are on the ramp turn sharply diagonal left-up or diagonal right-up then hold down to do a side ways flip. You can get an average of 1700+ points for this.

Helicopter into a Flip Stunt:

Do the helicopter stunt as listed above but hold the down button more longer. It will look like he does a helicopter move but then rotates so he is an upright position and does another flip. You can get 2500+ points if done corectly. I have gotten 3450 points on the first ramp in Twilight City for this.

Triple Flip:

To my knowledge this stunt can only be done in Glacier Park on the big ramp. You need a lot of speed and a lot of air to do this. It can only be done with J. Meter on this stage to my knowledge. You tap up 1-2 inches from the top of the ramp and start doing the flip and hold down. You need a lot of speed for this one so do not try to do any turns or get hit by an ice block in the water which may slow you down or stop you completely. You can get 3000+ points for this. I have gotten 5610 points because I sort of started like a helicopter stunt with two flips after. Note that this is a difficult stunt to perform and you do need a lot of speed, timing, and maybe some tinkering with the customization of the racer at the character select screen.

Get Mega Points

To get mega points on the stunt courses, hit the pause button as soon as you complete a stunt. If you do it right, all the sounds should stop except for the announcer ("I can do that!", "What a great stunt!", etc.) Usually if you press pause at the exact moment you hit the water it should work, however, the best way is to pause it the moment the announcer starts talking, this way this cheat works with handstands, etc. If you do it correctly, you should get tons of points for the easiest things.

Get Up Fast

After you have fallen off your jet ski then press the A-button very quickly until the guy is up on it, if you do this you will get up much faster than normal.

Update by Vendor:

Go to the big ice chunk at top speed get the craft on its side and do a helicopter on the ice keep it held back and he will do alot of spins then he will do some flips pull out at the rite time and you will get 10,000+.

More Stunts

Dive stunt

Use this trick is in stunt mode of Dolphin Park. At the start of the course, right out of the gate, you have to tilt your rider vertically by pulling back on the controller, but not too much. As soon as you hit a wave you push foward on the the control stick. This will cause you to dive under water. You have to hold the control stick in the foward position.

Double Barrel Roll:

Gain lots of speed and on a ramp do a barrel roll i.e. left, right or right, left, and hold the last direction you hit in the air.To do this move make sure you do a barrel roll on the ramp.


Gain a lot of speed and do half a flip off a ramp and hold forward, i.e. complete a flip and immediately when you see your guys head face the water hold forward. This takes a lot of practice to land.

Inverted Helicopter Flip:

On the ramp, tap diagonal Down-Right and the hold diagonal Up-Left to do an Inverted Helpicopter Flip.

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