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Super Smash Brothers

Extra Points:
In one player mode defeat your opponent and press L to taunt your opponenet just before he dies. Get your character to be in a taunt when the camera goes to check out the scores and you'll get 100 xtra points.

Alternate Costumes:
Go to the character selection screen and enter: c-left, c-right, c-up, or c-down

Play as Captain Falcon:
You must finish the game in under twenty minutes and then beat Captain Falcon.

Music Test Option:
First finish "Bonus Games 1 & 2" with all the characters, even the secret ones(try doing it during practice). Then go to the data screen to select the music test option.

Alternate Character View:
At the character biography screen while holding z, move the analog stick.

Classic Mushroom Kingdom Stage:
First, under normal difficulty(3 lives) complete the game with all 8 original characters. The CMK stage will now be available under versus mode.

Item Switch:
After playing the game more than 50 times in versus mode, the item switch option is unlocked.
Thanks to MartinC for the above cheats

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