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NFL Quarterback Club 98

Giant Players Code = GLYTHMD

Tiny Players Code= SMLMDGT - Makes all the players tiny. Also makes the in-game voices and Marv's play-by-play sound much higher.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Like Players Code = RNLDSWZNGR

Tall And Skinny Players Code = BBMNTBL

Short And Wide Players Code = JPNSMWR

Running Backs As Good As Walter Payton Cheat = WLTRPYTN

Unlimited Number Of Downs Cheat = DWNDRV

More Fumbles Code = GTNHNDS

Receivers Catch Better Cheat = STYCKYHNDS

Slippery Ground Code = SPRSLYD

Faster Players Cheat = MCHLJNSN

Better Quarterback Cehat = BRDWYNMTH

Stronger And Faster Players Cheat = BGBFYFF

Jump Far Cheat = CRLLWYS

8 Down Drives Cheat = 8DWNDRV

2 Hidden Teams Cheat STNTXTM

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