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NFL Blitz 2001

Enter a code below at the versus screen. The first number listed below is the number of times you need to press the Turbo Button, the second number is the Jump Button, and the third number is the Pass Button. Then press the the directional pad in the direction indicated.

Example 1:
Big Football: 0-5-0 right
press Turbo 0 times, press Jump 5 times, press Pass 0 times, and then press right. If you entered the code correctly, you will see it listed.

Big Head: 2-0-0 right
Unlimited Turbo: 5-1-4 up
Turbo Running: 0-3-2 left
Awesome Blitzing: 0-4-5 up
Long Field Goals: 1-2-3 left
First Downs Off: 2-1-0 up
Punting Off: 1-5-1 up
Out of Bounds Off: 2-1-1 left
Faster Passes: 2-5-0 left
Lights Off: 5-3-4 down
Allow Late Hits: 0-1-0 up
Interceptions Off: 3-4-4 up
Fumbles Off: 4-2-3 down
Full Teammates: 2-3-3 up
Full Blockers: 3-1-2 left
Full Offense: 3-1-2 up
Full Defense: 4-2-1 up
No Receiver Name: 1-0-2 right
Invisible Mode: 4-3-3 up
Giant Head: 0-4-0 up
No Head: 3-2-1 left
No Head Team: 1-2-3 right
Small Players: 3-1-0 right
Heavy Fog on: 0-4-1 down
Good Weather: 2-1-2 left
Rain On: 5-5-5 right
Snow On: 5-2-5 down
Play at Night: 0-2-2 right
Original Day Stadium: 5-0-1 up
Day Stadium: 5-0-1 down
Future Stadium: 5-0-2 left
Orignial Snow Stadium: 5-0-3 up
Snow Stadium: 5-0-3 down
Roman Stadium: 5-0-3 left
Grass Field: 3-0-0 up
Street field: 3-0-1 up
Snow Field: 3-0-4 up
Dirt Field: 3-0-2 up
Astro-Turf Field: 3-0-3 up
Oringal Night Stadium: 5-0-2 up
Night Stadium: 5-0-2 down
Urban Stadium: 5-0-1 left

Thanks to the codemeister and others

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