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Mortal Kombat Mythologies

Infinite Experience

In the prison of souls, there are 2 parts, the first is before you get put in the cell by the executioner bot, the other afterwards. In the first part there is a place that surrounds an enemy by 2 forcefeilds, they are yellow. When you find this do not harm the enemy. Instead freeze him once and push him against the field. He will spray blood, but not get hurt(for some reason) in the mean time you are recieving points for combos. Keep this up and get all of the available skills.

Moves: All of these moves require a certain amount of experience points

Ice Blast 
Down to Forward, Low Punch 
Allows Sub-Zero to throw an ice projectile.

Block + Low Punch + Low Kick + Back 
Can slide under projectiles and high attacks.

Diagonal Ice Blast 
Angle Up --- Down, Forward, High Kick 
Angle Down --- Down, Back, Low Kick
Gives Sub-Zero the Ability to throw ice in 2 additional directions.

Ice Clone
Down, Back, Low Punch 
Enables Sub-Zero to create an ice clone.

Ice Shatter
Enable Sub-Zero to shatter enemies after 2 ice blasts. 

Super Slide
Block + High Punch + Low Punch + Back 
Same as normal slide except it is longer reaching and can take out multiple enemies. Freeze on
Down, Forward, Forward, High Punch 
Allows Sub-Zero to freeze an enemy on contact when running. 

Polar Blast
Forward, Back, Back, High Punch 
Freeze all enemies on screen within the blast radius. 

Fatalities Spine Rip
Foward, Down, Forward, High Punch (one step away)
Rips the opponents head from their body.

6 Hit Combo
HP, HP, LP, LK, HK, back HK 
Once you have reached Shinnok, penetrating his shield is impossible. Wait until he throws a blast at your character, which usually happens after he says "Feel My Power". After that happens, prepare to throw a freeze. Timing is critical -- as soon as he throws his blast throw your freeze and then freeze him again. Quickly turn and run to the teleporter to teleport behind him. Quickly turn again, run up behind him, and press Take to grab the Medallion. Freezing him in the center of the platform works best because you do not have a lot of time to run up behind him. He will scream "Not My Medallion" and turn into a monster. Rayden's Portal will appear. Do not battle the monster. Instead, jump through the Portal and meet Rayden and Shang Tsung. To Fight Quan Chi, hold A as Sub-Zero dies before a checkpoint. To Fight Shinnok, hold B as Sub-Zero dies before a checkpoint.
GTTBHR (1,000 Lives)
NXCVSZ (10 Urns of Vitality)
TDFCLT (Invulnerable to enemy damage)
RCKMND (View the Rock Boss Exploding)
CRVDTS (View Credits)
CNSZDG (Earth)
ZVRKDM (Water)
RGTKCS (Prison)
QFTLWN (Bridge)
XJKNZT (Fortress)
ZCHRRY (Fortress with 20,000 experience points)

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