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Crusin' USA

Flashing Lights

After you enter your initials in the "Hot Times" screen, if you go all the way to the bottom to where the metal rollers are and hold the Left direction for about 35 seconds, the face of one of the programmers will appear and say "I love this job". After he says this, when you are racing any course with either the Police Car or the School Bus, if you press the Brake twice, then the Gas once, the lights will flash for as long as you hold the Gas. As soon as you let go, the lights go off. This code will only work if you are using the Police Car or the School Bus. It will not work with any other car.

Nitrous Boost

This code is activated the same way as the "Flashing Lights Trick" code . Get your name on the "Hot Lists", scroll to the bottom of the list, and hold left for about 35 seconds until the head comes rolling across the screen. Using any car in any race, you can now get a Nitrous Boost by press Brake, Brake, Brake, Gas, Brake, Gas. You can only use this once for every checkpoint passed.

Secret Cities/Courses:

To race on the following courses, hold the specific buttons, then press Start to race:

Indiana: Hold the L Button, and also hold the C-Up and C-Right buttons. Indiana will replace Beverly Hills

San Francisco: Hold the L Button, and also hold the C-Right, and C-Down buttons. San Francisco wil now replace Grand Canyon.

Golden Gate Park: Hold the L Button, and also hold the C-Left and C-Down buttons. Golden Gate Park will replace US 101.

Secret Cars:

Instructions: When on the Car Select screen, if you hold the C-Left, C-Down, and C-Up buttons, then move the Control Stick from car to car, you will notice that the ATV, School Bus, and the Police Car are available vehicles to race with.

Grand Canyon Shortcut:

In the Grand Canyon after the first check point stay along the right hand side untill you see a dirt ramp that goes up.When you come up the ramp you will see a land bridge, go across it, maintaining a decent speed (if you go to slow you will fall off. This may give you a big lead over the other cars. There is similar shortcut to this to the right in the beginning of this stage.

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