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Beetle Adventure Racing

Access Cheats:
First, load up a 1 player game game/championship mode at Coventry Cove. Then, drive towards the 2 hay stacks near the barn and drive into the stack closest to the track. Next, hit the box that is inside the stack you just drove into. If you see the word GROOVY, then finish the race and go to the "options menu" to access the cheats.

Alien Beetle:
Complete the Expert Championship Races successfully and a cool alien beetle will be on the screen when you choose your car.

Police Beetle:
First unlock bonus mode bu successfully completing all the standard Championships. Then complete bonus mode to unlock the Police Beetle. Hold C-Left while driving that car to turn on the siren. This is so cool because when you turn the siren on the other racers will slow and come to a stop. Thanks to britty1

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