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Banjo Kazooie

Access Cheats:
Start a new game and unlock Treasure Trove Cove w/out transforming Mumbo's Hut. Next, after you have gotten the jigsaw piece from the Underwater Castle, lower the water and go into the Sand Castle. You can then enter one of the codes below on the tiles on the floor. If you screw up while entering one of the codes below, leave the castle and come back to try again.

Infinite Air:

Infinite Number of Lives:

One Hundred Mumbo Tokens:

Infinite number of Red Feathers:

Infinite number of Blue Eggs:

Eight Honey Combs:

Infinite Gold Feathers:

Less Damage From A Fall:
Press Z just before you land to incur less damage from a fall.

Warp Cauldron Locations:
The warp cauldrons transport Banjo-Kazooie to other locations in Gruntilda's Lair. This can greatly reduce the time it takes to transport Kazooie. There are 3 sets of cauldrons.

PURPLE: The first purple cauldron can be found through a passageway in the area where the Treasure Trove Cove jigsaw puzzle is located. The second cauldron is located in the area prior to Freezeezy Peak, where there is a large witch's head. It can be found tucked in a cave that is hidden behind a spiderweb. Use eggs to destroy the web.

BLUE: The first blue cauldron can be found near the second purple cauldron is located. Go to the top of the spiral walkway, where there is another spiderweb on the ground. Shoot eggs out your rear to destroy the web. The second blue cauldron is located in the area with the entrance to Rusty Bucket Bay. It is near the top of a bunch of stacked boxes.

RED: The first red cauldron is located inside the pipe below the passageway heading to Clanker's Cavern (also the same area where there is a passage to Treasure Trove Cove). The second red cauldron is tucked away in a passage at the bottom of the hill before Click Clock Wood. There are two entryways and they are just barely visible above the grass.

200 Eggs:
Find the first Spell book near the FREEZEZY PEAK puzzle. To do this you need to break the rock on the path to the left of the puzzle then come back as the alligator and go through the hole. Then go the the BANJOKAZOOIE puzzle room in TREASURE TROVE COVE and enter the code BLUEEGGS to get 200 eggs and a 200 egg limit.

Bottle Bonus Codes:
After beating Treasure Trove Cove, go back to Banjo's House, outside Gruntilda's Lair. Once inside, look at the 'Bottles The Mole' picture and you will go into a secret game of 'Put the Moving Puzzle Together.' Once all the pieces are fitted, that's it, you've just accessed the first code.

To redeem it, go to Treasure Trove Cove, drain the water around the castle, and enter. Every time you complete one of his puzzles he will give you a new code, they are as follows...
BOTTLESBONUSONE         - Gives Banjo Big Head
BOTTLESBONUSTWO         - Gives Banjo Big Arms and Legs
BOTTLESBONUSTHREE       - Gives Kazooie Big Head
BOTTLESBONUSFOUR        - Gives Banjo a Skinny body and a Little head 
BOTTLESBONUSFIVE        - Gives Banjo a Skinny body, Little head, Big hands, and Big feet. 
BIGBOTTLESBONUS         - Gives Banjo a Skinny body, Big head, Big hands, Big feet.  
WISHYWASHYBANJO         - Turns Banjo into a washing machine. 
NOTE: To cancel these codes, enter the code NOBONUS

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