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WWF Warzone

Alternate Outfits Cheat:
Goto the Character Select Screen and hold all of the "C Buttons" and "Press A"

Big Head:
Defeat WWF Challenge w/ "The Rock" or "British Bulldog"

Burp & Fart:
Defeat WWF Challenge w/ "Mosh" or "Thrasher"

Defeat WWF Challenge w/ "Ahmed Johnson"

Get to Sue:
Defeat WWF Challenge w/ "Owen" or "Brett Hart"

Get to Dude Love & Cactus Jack:
Defeat WWF Challenge on Normal Difficulty w/ "Mankind"

Get Back Up:
Hold Z, R, and L

Ladies Night:
Defeat WWF Challenge w/ "Triple H" or "Shawn Micheals". You can then use women bodies in create a wrestler

No Wimps:
Defeat WWF Challenge w/ "Farooq" or "Ken Shamrock"

No Meters:
Defeat WWF Challenge w/ "The Undertaker"

Defeat WWF Challenge w/ anyone and any mode

Wrestler Outfits:
Defeat WWF Challenge w/ "Kane"

Goldust Costumes:
Defeat WWF Challenge on Normal Difficulty w/ "Goldust"

Additional Stone Cold Costumes:
Defeat WWF Challenge on Hard Difficulty w/ "Stone Cold"
You must do all special moves when the opponent is in red bar on the corners of the

Sone Cold 
"Stunner    r,r,u,tu blk 
The Rock
Rock Bottom  r,r,u,p tu
Shawn Micheals 
Sweet Chin Music  r,d,u,k blk
Owen Hart
Sharpshooter   l,l,u,k blk
Ken Shamrock 
Ankle Lock  r,l,u,k tu
Socko or Mandible Claw   r,l,u, tu blk
Britsh Bulldog
Running Powerslam d,u,u,p tu
Dude Love Cactus Jack
Double arm DDT    r,l,u,tu blk
The Dominator  u,u,u,tu blk
Tombstone   d,d,d, p tu
Bret Hart 
Sharpshooter  l,l,u,k blk
Triple H
Pedigree  r,d,l,p tu
Tombstone  d,d,d,p tu
GoldDust --this on is behind the opponent
Curtin Call   l,d,d,tu blk
Mosh ---on top turbuckle
Mosh Pit  r,l,u,tu blk
Ahmed Johnson 
Pearl River Plunge
r,l,u,k blk
Thrasher---on top turnbuckle
Stage Dive   r,u,u,p k
Thanks to Brian

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