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All-Star Baseball 99

Enter these codes at the games Cheat Menu:
Code           Effect
PRPPAPLYR      Thin players
GOTHELIUM      Big heads, bats, and feet
BIGHELIUM      Big heads and feet
ABBTNCSTLO     Fat & Skinny mode. Makes some players very skinny and others very large. 
BBNSTRDS       Big Baseball mode. Makes the ball really big! 
GRTBLSFDST     Smoke Trail mode. Baseball leaves a trail of smoke behind it. 

While playing in a normal game, in Kaufmann stadium (Kansas City Royals), there are two signs that say "Win a Lizard." If the player hits one of those signs while batting, his team will turn into lizards.

Alien Abductionn Mode:
After entering the code, start an Exhibition or Quick Play, select a stadium, and scroll to the bottom to "Alienapolis Park." The home team will have the same stats as the team that was picked during set up, but the players will now look like aliens.
Thanks to Chris

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