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  • Welcome! Please email us your questions or comments. New Playstation 2 cheats added soon including Kingdom Hearts.
  • Kingdom Hearts Cheats and Codes
  • Kingdom Hearts   - SquareSoft's official website with news, game information, storyline, world descriptions, character profiles, battle system, features, and trailers.

  • BellaOnline Walkthrough - A full game walkthrough, including list of trinity spots, Dalmatian puppy locations, and battle descriptions.
  • Development Staff Dossier - RPG Fan's profiles on the game's development staff with photographs.
  • GameSpot - Previews, news articles, screenshots, and movies. GameSpot Complete subscription provides access to all the featured items.
  • IGN - Previews, screenshots, and news articles. IGN Insider subscription provides access to exclusive articles, game videos, travelogues, and the game forum.
  • Kingdom Hearts Blog - This blog is an online gamer's journal devoted to this game.
  • RPG Dreamer - Game review, pictures, character profiles, music, walkthrough, hints, and forums.
  • RPGamer - News articles, screenshots, movies, box covers, propaganda materials, artwork, and wallpaper.

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